The How To and FAQ's about Blastramp's Invoicing feature.
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Commercial Invoice
To create a commercial invoice within Blast Ramp, specific fields must be filled out to display on that document. Some fields must be filled out within the order and some must be filled out under Mass Edit within specific fields.

Navigation: Bring up the order > click Commercial Invoice.

A page will display  if all information is filled out.
The PO# field will populate if the Store PO is filled out under Order Details.
The following fields will automatically populate as they are under Order Content within the order:
- SKU = Style on the order
- Title = Style Description on the order
- Qty = Units on the order
- Cost = Cost on the order

The other fields are populated based on the information entered under Inventory > Mass Edit > select the Season Linelist or Enter the SKU number > Select Field to Edit > GO.
- UPC = UPC Code
- ASIN = Amazon ID ASIN
- COO = Country Of Origin
- Knit/Woven = Manufacture Method
- Fabrication = Fabric Composition (where you would enter fabric content)
- HTS # = Harmonized Tax Code
- MRF ID = Factory
TIP: You can also add fabric content per SKU to display on orders and purchase orders by added it under SKU Comments field in Mass Edit.
Exporting Invoices to Accounting Software
Please visit INTEGRATIONS.
To add a credit or an order of a not-yet shipped or it has shipped, you have the option to apply that credit to an invoice and re-sending it to your customer.

Navigation: Search > Enter the Order ID.

Bring up the order you want to apply a credit.
Click Unlock.
Scroll to the bottom of the page, under Credit Note enter a comments (optional) and amount.
Scroll back to the top of the page, Enter Reason for Editing.
Click Save Changes.
Display SRP on Invoice
Invoices are default to only display the cost price to the customer. If the customer requests to have the Suggested Retail Price, there are 3 steps to follow:

1. Advanced > Administration > DC Setting - General.
2. Select subsection Invoicing > Load.
3. Check Display Suggested Retail Price on invoices.
4. Select the desired pricelist from Select Pricelist to show as SRP dropdown.
5. Click Update to save.

1. Inventory > Mass Edit
2. Select the Season
3. Select the chosen pricelist in Step 1
4. Click Go to display all SKUs within the Season. To shorten the load time, enter part of the SKU/Description/Location to limit the search
5. On the last column, the chosen pricelist will be displayed and open for edit. Scroll to the very bottom and click Save when complete.

IMPORTANT: If more than 50 SKUs, we do not recommend selecting Update all DCs with Changes.

1. View order.
2. Select SRP Invoice (Beta).
3. The selected SRP pricelist is displayed in the last column on the right.
4. To Print, right click and select Print.
5. To Email, print to PDF and email as an attachment. For more detailed instructions visit CUSTOMERS.
Frequently Asked Questions
What happens to existing orders when a price change is applied to SKU?
The existing order will stay the price it was ordered at. If you change the price on the SKU, ONLY new orders will reflect the new price. If the price was changed on the order, it will not change the price of the SKU in the system.
When is a returned product added to my inventory?
The inventory level will not change until the return is closed and will be adjusted as indicated in the "Vendor Decision" step:

1. Return to Sender
2. Add to Inventory
3. Destroy 
Is it possible to change the season or linelist name?
Definitely! If you are not changing the Season Code, simply delte the current linelist in the "Linelist/Season" setup page. Then re-add with the same code with the name updated.

First, update the code on the SKU to the new code by using Inventory --> Mass Edit or through the Upload facility. Then delete the original linelist in the "Linelist/Season" setup page then re-add with the new code and name. The code must be exactly the same as the one attached to the SKU.
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