The How To and FAQ's about Blastramp's Production feature.
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Create Inbound Shipment Receipts Manually
Creating a receipt for an inbound shipment can be done both manually, under the Receiving Tab, as well as by creating a shipment off of your production orders.

Navigation: Receiving tab > Create >

Depending on your setting, the dropdown on the shipment creation page will be different. Options include: load all SKUs (not recommended), load by Linelist, load by SKU/Description Entry. We will go over the last two options.  

1. Select the desired Season/Linelist from the dropdown menu.
2. Click Load.
3. Enter quantity in the appropriate text box.
4. Scroll to the bottom to enter shipment receipt detail.
5. Click Create Shipment to complete the shipment receipt.

1. Type in 3 characters that the SKU or Description contains. The system will load all SKUs that contain these 3 characters in any part of the SKU. ie. "BLU", I am searching for any SKU containing color code "BLU".
2. Once quantities are entered and categories are selected, click Post Product to Order. The product will be added to shipment contents in the box below.
3. Repeat steps 1 - 2 if needed.
4. Scroll to the bottom to enter shipment receipt detail.
5. Click Create Shipment to complete the shipment receipt.
Manage Shipment Receipts
After the receipt has been created either manually or off the PO, the receipt is held until the product has arrived at the facility. It can be found and edited under the Receiving Tab > Edit an Inbound Shipment. Once the warehouse is ready to receive, you can release it to the warehouse. Once released the receipt can be printed to receive the units against, and finalize the shipment to be added to inventory.


Edit an Inbound Shipment allows you to make changes in Shipment Contents and Shipment Details to the inbound shipment before it has been released to the DC.
1. Locate the Shipment ID in the drop down and select Go.
2. Shipment quantities will be displayed with open quantity fields to be edited. As well the Shipment detail Fields will be open for edits including Carrier, Weigh bill, Origin, Currency, PO, number of pieces, Tax Rate and container number.
3. Once Edits are made, click on the “Update Shipment” button to save.


Once a shipment is released to the distribution centre it can be printed and used by the warehouse to receive product against, it also becomes un-editable.
1. Under Release Shipment to DC, you will see created Shipments, listing Shipment ID, PO, Weight Bill and Date Created.
2. Click on [Shipment ID] to view the shipment.
3. On the right of the page, check off the shipment to release.
4. Click Release at the bottom of the list. 


In order to modify or delete a released shipment, it needs to be reversed to be 'unreleased'. 
1. Within Receiving tab, select Reverse.
2. Select the checkbox of the shipment to reverse on the right of the page.
3. Click Reverse button at the bottom of the list.
4. The shipment is now in the edit stage.
TIP: For quick view status of an order, go to View Order, then click Status.
Finalize an Inbound Shipment
Finalizing an inbound shipment means to complete the shipment and add the product into inventory.

1. In the Receiving tab > stay on Main.
2. Select the shipment to complete in the Finalize an Inbound Shipment dropdown.
3. Click Go.
4. With the filled out printed shipment receipt on-hand, enter the location and quantity in the correct text box.
5. Enter the initial or name of the person that received the shipment in the warehouse in the Rec Received By box.
6. Enter your or the person completing the shipment's initial or name in the Finalized By box.
7. Click Finalize.
Frequently Asked Questions
What happens to existing orders when a price change is applied to SKU?
The existing order will stay the price it was ordered at. If you change the price on the SKU, ONLY new orders will reflect the new price. If the price was changed on the order, it will not change the price of the SKU in the system.
When is a returned product added to my inventory?
The inventory level will not change until the return is closed and will be adjusted as indicated in the Vendor Decision step:
- Return to Sender
- Add to Inventory
- Destroy 
Is it possible to change the season or linelist name?
If you are not changing the Season Code, simply delete the current linelist in the Linelist/Season setup page. Then re-add with the same code with the name updated.

First, update the code on the SKU to the new code by using Inventory > Mass Edit or through the Upload facility.
Then delete the original linelist in the Linelist/Season setup page then re-add with the new code and name. The code must be exactly the same as the one attached to the SKU.
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