Manage Shopify Orders, Shipping and Inventory From a Single Dashboard With Blastramp

Not sure how to manage your Shopify orders? Overwhelmed with your current Shopify orders?

Merchants will be happy to hear that they can manage their Shopify orders, shipping and inventory from one single dashboard with our Blastramp software.

That’s right!

Blastramp is an easy-to-use cloud-based ERP software designed to help B2B and B2C brands manage their inventory and sales order.

We specialize in our ability to integrate with multiple client systems and seamlessly sync with outside applications. And, our comprehensive platform was designed and developed based on direct feedback from our customers.

When it comes to your Shopify orders, managing your suppliers, and other sales channels, you can keep track of all your operations in one single dashboard. You can see real-time analytics to help you manage your inventory levels and make essential business decisions.

Like many other cloud-based ERP software systems, Blastramp helps brands bridge the gap and ensure your B2B strategy has no cracks in it and the same is true when it comes to your Shopify orders, shipping, and inventory.

Blastramp makes it easier than ever for merchants to manage all their Shopify orders and returns — from partial fulfillment to multiple warehouses order management. We help growing online businesses automate most of their operations tasks to ensure they can focus on what’s important – growing their business and allowing you to save valuable time and money.

Now we’ll talk about four other key advantages you receive by managing your Shopify orders through Blastramp. These advantages will allow your ecommerce business to thrive like never before.

Complete Operational Transparency

Shopify orders

Keeping track of your Shopify orders, shipping, and inventory is something that is done on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

With Blastramp, you can access all your reports from one single dashboard, giving you complete control over your operations and helps you eliminate any flaws in your workflows. These reporting capabilities will allow you to adjust your Shopify store as needed and will give you insight into how your Shopify orders are performing at any given moment.

Real-Time Analytics

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Another advantage of managing your Shopify orders, shipping, and inventory on Blastramp is that you will receive real-time analytics. Backed by an enterprise business intelligence and reporting structure, Blastramp provides you with a complete set of data-driven analytics to help make important decisions for your business.

One feature that we offer that is very useful for Shopify orders and even just one part of an order is accessible customer tracking. Instantly manage credit holds, export information, and categorize customers based on distribution channels. Our detailed customer profiles provide you with complete order histories, account summaries, and much more.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

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As sales are made through different channels and inventory levels adjust, Blastramp will update your inventory levels automatically to make sure you don’t oversell and end up with logistical nightmares which can cut into your profits. You can rest assured that your Shopify orders and order fulfillment process will be operating smoothly.

Inventory Forecasting

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Lastly, Blastramp’s Shopify orders integration makes strategic decisions based on solid inventory forecasting data. Blastramp provides you with actionable insights into your entire inventory, allowing you to make better business decisions based on real information.

This data, if harnessed properly, can propel your brand to news heights and lets you make solid business decisions backed by data that is readily available.


Whether you are adding more sales channels to an already existing, successful Shopify business, or you are looking for a solution to manage your supply chain in one spot, Blastramp has a fully integrated solution for you. Better yet, it is fully customizable so you only pay for what you need!

Learn More About Blastramp

If you’re interested in learning more about our cloud-based ERP software, you can take advantage of our Blast Academy, a set of training modules and step-by-step tutorials that guide you to get the most out of our cloud-based ERP software. Whether you’re looking for an answer to a specific question or want to build your Blastramp skills, our Blast Academy is the perfect one-stop-shop for your training needs. With Blast Academy by your side, you’ll be an expert in no time!

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